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About STF

SURVIVE THE FURNACE are a group of guys from all walks of life forming a musical collective mixing metal and hard rock with clean vocals and a positive message.

Since the beginning, Mitch and Tucker have been involved in bands and musical endeavors as early as they can remember learning their instruments. They were in and out of recording studios, on and off the stage in both touring bands and worship bands at their local church. But it was time for a new project. One more permanent and which rang true to their style and faiths.

During this time they had met many talented musicians but only few who shared their vision for a band like Survive The Furnace. Craig was on their list of talented vocalists but also was a great mate to both of them. Craig was also heavily involved with the worship music ministry at the church they attended so this ticked another box. Mitch and Tucker approached Craig about the new project and now there was three in Survive The Furnace.

This is how it was for a year while the three wrote and recorded demo tracks in Tucker's spare room. Mitch recording all instruments except for the drums where Tucker took over. All three writing and adjusting lyrics with Craig adding melodies and doing main and harmony vocals. But it was time to hit the live scene.

AL was attending the same church as the three but already had band commitments. However, because AL had such a long history in bands and in the professional music industry, the three didn’t stop hounding him until he was the new bassist in Survive The Furnace. Now there was four.

AL added an extra flavour to the mix and soon they had a style which they could call their own. Also taking advantage of AL's background, he launched the band off the ground and helped them step up into becoming professional performers and musicians.

Survive The Furnace was officially established. Mitch and Tucker's dream was now underway and shared by two more.

These four guys now fuse their influences and different walks of life into Survive The Furnace bringing a fresh look at the hard rock genre. With their blend of catchy yet technical riffs and chorus’ you can’t help sing along with, they are making a positive influence one song at a time.